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About Square Dancing

Modern Square Dancing has transcended from the traditional, visiting-couple type of dancing common in Hoedown Dancing in earlier times.  It transformed into an all-four-couples-working kind of dancing in the 1950's. The English ancestor of modern square dancing was the Morris dance, an exhibition performed by trained teams of six men dancing in two rows of three in the 1600's. In the 1700's, the French adopted and modified this English country dance into a quadrille and later a cotillion, a dance performed in a square by eight dancers.

Square dancing was recognized by President Ronald Reagan as the national folk dance of the United States in 1982. Today, square dancing is usually called in the English language regardless of the country where the dance is hosted. It uses the same steps around the world. Once you learn to square dance, you can dance almost anywhere.

"Mainstream" is the most basic and most common form of square dancing.  It is the first form of square dancing that is learned. After a dancer has become familiar with Mainstream dancing, additional calls can be learned.  "Plus" dancing is the next step of learning for an experienced Mainstream dancer.

In addition to regular dances, there are state and national conventions that dancers can attend. See the Indiana Dancers Association website for more information about the state convention:

The 71tST National Square Dance Convention will be held in Evansville,  Indiana in June 2022.  Visit their website for additional details:



Square Dancing at the Indiana State Museum

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