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About Round Dancing

Round dancing can best be described as cued choreography for all types of ballroom dancing. Modern round dancing is an outgrowth of couple dances such as the Varsouvienne, the Black Hawk Waltz, and the Schottische, which were performed during square dances in the first half of the twentieth century in the United States. In round dancing, you dance with your partner as a couple. The couples form a circle. The cuer, who is like the caller in square dancing, calls out the steps to the couples. The couples perform the moves counter-clockwise, in a circle of couples.

For those interested in round dance instruction, Shirley Heiny, a well-known and highly respected cuer from Idaville, offers a series of lessons. The lessons are usually offered in late spring and early summer. Featured dances include two or more of the following: the two-step, waltz, rumba, fox trot, cha cha, jive or tango. Dances selected are based on the preferences of participating students. Beginning and intermediate classes are offered.

Shirley Heiny
Shirley and Don Heiny
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